Dangerous signals: these signs are the first to indicate cancer

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Physician-therapist, as well as professor and honored worker of science Arkady Vertkin said that an attentive attitude to one’s health will help to recognize an oncological disease at an early stage. And this, according to the expert, increases the chance of defeating cancer.

According to the scientist, cancer has recently become significantly “younger”. Patients under 45 years of age become victims of malignant neoplasms.

The professor warned which signals from the body should be paid special attention to, since they are dangerous to ignore. These are indigestion, difficulty swallowing, problems with urination and defecation. In addition, hoarseness and lingering coughs are also cause for concern.

Also, unusual bleeding or spotting, non-healing ulcers, various seals, changes in the appearance of warts and moles indicate the development of cancer, they write “Arguments and Facts”.

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