In September, 15 twins were born in the Volgograd perinatal center

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Specialists of the medical center, located in the Sovetsky District, shared statistics for the first month of autumn.

In September, 475 babies were born within the walls of the maternity hospital: these are 259 boys and 216 girls. Doctors had to take preterm birth 68 times. Among the “hurry-ups” – as doctors call them – two weighed less than a kilogram, a little heavier than a kitten.

“Over the past month, we had 15 pairs of twins,” the doctors wrote on the page of the perinatal center on the social network. – One twins were born after IVF pregnancy. In total, 11 babies were born in our center in September thanks to this procedure.

For the first time, 161 Volgograd women became mothers, 159 mothers came for the second baby, and 143 mothers came for the third and more. The largest of the newborns over the past month weighed 5 kilograms 380 grams, and the smallest barely gained 800 grams.

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