In Saratov, a mother threw two daughters out of a window

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In Saratov, a woman threw two daughters out of the window of an apartment on the fourth floor. On Saturday, October 17, REN TV reports.

According to the TV channel, the woman decided to throw out of the window two girls aged five and eight, and then tried to commit suicide. It is noted that the condition of the youngest girl is assessed as extremely difficult, and the condition of the older one is as serious.

According to the press service of the prosecutor’s office of the Saratov region, the family is not registered with the prevention system. At present, an audit has been organized, the results of which will assess the fulfillment of the requirements of the legislation on minors, as well as the actions of parents to fulfill their duties.

In addition, it is emphasized that this check results are under the control of the regional prosecutor.

On the eve it became known that a resident of Kirovgrad, Sverdlovsk region, had killed her four-year-old daughter with a hammer, and then tried to commit suicide. The police report came from local doctors called by the woman’s husband.

It was noted that the family was also not registered, the daughter was the only child, she attended kindergarten, the parents were in a civil marriage.

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