In Brazil, a smartphone fell out of a plane and recorded its flight on video

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In Brazil, a smartphone fell out of an airplane, flew half a kilometer to the ground and filmed its flight. This was announced on Wednesday, December 16, by the REN TV channel.

The incident happened when a local resident was filming in the air while flying in a light aircraft. The man did not hold his smartphone in his hands, and the gadget flew down.

The Brazilian decided to see what was left of the smartphone. He calculated the place of the fall using the application and found the device on the beach, while the device was almost not damaged.

In addition, the mobile phone filmed its fall from the plane to the ground.

Earlier, on December 13, the chief editor of the portal about gadgets and technologies Lyudmila Murzina told how to protect the smartphone from damage. According to the expert, in most cases, a protective glass, as well as a cover or bumper, is sufficient for this.

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