In Barnaul, the police took the person who refused to wear the mask of the “resident of the USSR”

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In Barnaul, police detained a local resident who called them after being refused service at a shopping center for lack of a mask. This was reported on November 25 at the press center of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the region.

“The buyer called the police officers due to the fact that he was not served, as he refused to wear a mask, claiming a violation of his rights. On a call, a police squad arrived, and the requirements of the regional governor’s decree were explained to the citizen, “Interfax reports.

He also posted a video on social networks in which he calls the police at a shopping center and talks to the arrived law enforcement officers. During the conversation, a resident of Barnaul said that he did not know about the governor’s decree, since “he was born in the USSR and obeys the laws of the USSR.” He called the denial of service in the store a crime and demanded that action be taken against the administration of the shopping center and the sellers.

The shopping center visitor had to be taken to the police station. A protocol was drawn up against him under Article 20.6.1. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (failure to comply with the rules of conduct in an emergency).

The sanction for individuals under the article provides for a warning or a fine of up to 30 thousand rubles. The materials were sent to the court for a decision.

This is not the first case in Barnaul, associated with the refusal of people to take preventive measures against coronavirus. So, at the end of October, the police detained 17 residents of the city – they refused to put on medical masks on the tram and filmed what was happening on their phones. Tram traffic was blocked.

On November 17, in Barnaul, a woman punched a taxi driver in the face after he asked her to wear a mask. The passenger’s friend said that she was late for work, and the taxi driver demanded to wear a mask, which, according to the woman, was torn.

According to the latest data, 228 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the Altai Territory per day, 198 patients recovered, and four died.

The total number of patients with coronavirus infection is 24,774 people, of which 1,730 are children. In total, during the pandemic, 21,340 people recovered in the region, 516 people died.

1064 people (asymptomatic virus carriers) are on outpatient observation and treatment. 823 patients with X-ray confirmed viral pneumonia similar to COVID-19 are being treated at home.

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