In Astrakhan, a criminal case has been initiated into the death of a boy under a concrete slab

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Yesterday evening, residents of the Astrakhan region were literally stunned by the sad news: a concrete slab fell on an 11-year-old child while walking in the yard and crushed him to death. The creepy story immediately attracted the attention of the investigative committee.

Let us remind you that yesterday, August 5, from 5 to 7 pm, an 11-year-old boy was playing on the playground, which is located between apartment buildings 29 and 29, building 1 on Yablochkova street. The structures installed on the site did not meet safety rules for a long time, but for some reason no one paid attention to this until the tragedy occurred. When the child climbed the iron ladder, the concrete slab, to which the structure was attached, collapsed, crushing the boy to death with all its weight.

The one who was responsible for the maintenance of the local area will have to answer for the boy’s death, it was because of inaction and negligence that the tragedy occurred.

However, it is worth asking a question to all responsible persons who constantly talk about the improvement of city courtyards: why was the outdated design, which has long been the cause of residents’ complaints, not been eliminated earlier? Why does a person have to die in order for our city to pay attention to the problem? And the worst thing is that such concrete slabs, structures, dilapidated platforms and rusted carousels are located in almost every second yard, and you can never be sure that next time your child will not become a victim of someone else’s carelessness and absolute indifference.

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