Identified ways to cope with sleepiness during the working day

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Essential oils, exercise, change of activities, invigorating lunch and airing the room will help to cope with the drowsiness that has rolled during the working day. About this on Tuesday, December 22, writes “Ridus”.

So, in order to overcome drowsiness in the workplace, you can take with you to work essential oils of orange or pine needles, as well as coffee beans in a can and fresh citrus fruits. These scents will help you cheer up.

In addition, to drive away drowsiness, especially when performing monotonous activities, you should switch to something more active. For example, you can start moving more, clean the workplace and preferably do it while standing, or just go for a walk.

It will not be superfluous to ventilate the room and do exercises. When ventilating, it is important to remember that too cold air can have the same effect of sleepiness as strong heat. While the room is ventilated, you can do exercises: squat, jump, wave your arms and legs. A lunch of foods with whole grains, bananas, natural yogurt, dark chocolate, nuts, and fatty fish will also help to cheer up. You can also mix white yogurt with walnuts and bananas to help you cheer up and get back to business.

On December 7, it was reported that doctors named several ways to get rid of drowsiness in the afternoon. Exercise is a great way to relieve sleepiness. It promotes the release of endorphins and adrenaline, charging the necessary energy. Washing with cold water will also be helpful. This will increase the oxygen in the blood.

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