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─ Hello, editorial staff!

I recently got a filling at the dentist’s. When I was sitting in the chair, the doctor said that the filling would cost me 50 euros. As you know, there is a choice between a free seal and a paid one. As a result, the doctor sent me home a bill for 140 euros. Cashier AOK Refuses to pay, took over only part of the costs. In a word, how to be? The contract was for a completely different amount. I’m here recently. I didn’t think that the doctor could be misleading. There was no difficulty in treating the tooth. Simple replacement of the filling without cleaning the canals, etc. The workmanship also leaves much to be desired …

I have no additional insurance. At the moment, I receive social assistance. Language level B2, I attend language courses. Will I prove something or will I have to pay for my stupidity? Call and seek the truth from a doctor? I don’t want to think that he decided that the foreigner can be thrown.

Semyon D., Bonn.

─ Dear Semyon!

If doctors offer services that are not covered by the health insurance fund, the agreement, which, among other things, indicates the cost of the services, is concluded in writing. You should have signed the corresponding document.

Some of the sealing services (work) are paid by the insurance in any case. The rest – the material not provided by the medical office – must be paid by you, if you subscribe to it. You could have stayed on standard material, then the health insurance fund would have taken over the treatment in full.

If you subscribed, you have to pay. Not subscribed – you can argue.

Lawyers Maxim BRITANOV and Irina GERMAN,

Law office Fabrika Prava Britanow & Dr. Hirsch

Tel .: +49 (0) 69 26 49 22420


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