How to Stop Cavities From Spreading to Your Kid

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Cavities are contagious? Believe it, or not, they are. In fact, the better your own dental hygiene, the better off your kid’s teeth will be, too. As a parent, we unknowingly pass bacteria on to our children by sharing drinks, food, eating utensils, and even kisses with them. This is not to say we shouldn’t kiss our children at every opportunity we get, but we need to make sure we are not passing harmful bacteria on to them that can and will cause them to have cavities.

Babies are born without the presence of harmful bacteria in their mouths, but this soon changes once they begin developing teeth. Families unknowingly pass on certain disease-carrying germs called Dental Caries, and unfortunately, this can cause problems that last a lifetime for some. Cavities are also formed by another bacteria, mutans streptococcus, that feeds on sugar which will eventually lead to plaque and tooth decay.