You Can Build A Cat-Proof Balcony To Protect Them

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Fresh air and sunshine are just as important to cats as to humans. A balcony enclosed for cats will let them be outdoors without fear of falling off the edge. It will also give your cat more space, which is a valuable commodity in an apartment. Continue reading to find out how to make a cat-proof balcony. 

How to make a balcony cat-proof 

Sunbathing is a favorite pastime for cats. It is important to allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors while keeping them safe using cat proof fence. You will feel great watching your cat enjoy the sun outside. 

There are two main ways to cat-proof your balcony. To prevent your cat from jumping off or falling from the balcony, (i) you can use a mesh screen or mesh. You will need a mesh to cover the balcony’s bottom. It lets in the fresh air and doesn’t block out much light. 

Netting is the second method of catproofing. The netting should be attached to the balcony so that it drapes down and covers the area. Attach the mesh to the railing. Make sure there are no gaps that your cat can reach. 

Strong mesh can be used to seal any gaps in the balcony’s bottom. Next, drape the netting down from above. You must ensure that there are no gaps, just like the mesh. Contrary to popular belief, your cat doesn’t have superpowers. They can leap or fall, injure their own bodies or do worse. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Netting/mesh 
  • Cable ties 
  • Strong scissors to cut mesh and netting 

Strong mesh and netting are essential. They must be weather-resistant and UV treated at a minimum. Non-UV-treated materials are quickly broken down by the sun, so it is only a matter of time before your cat breaches its protective enclosure. 

Your cat’s clawing and climbing will not be a problem, so the mesh and netting must be strong. They should also be easy to use and lightweight. You should choose netting that isn’t too noticeable or too thick. You and your cat will be unable to see each other if you use netting that is too thick or noticeable. While you want to keep your cat safe, let them enjoy the outdoors. 

Cat-proof balcony: Can cats leap off the balcony without being tripped? 

Although cats are intelligent, their curiosity can sometimes get high. We love cats because they are amazing acrobats. It is amazing how they can land on their feet. They can still be injured or worse if they fall from high heights. Accidents happen more often than people think. It even has a name. Experts refer to it as high-rise syndrome. If your cat has a balcony, you need to protect them. 

High-rise syndrome refers to cat injuries that occur when cats fall from high places such as balconies, fire escapes, windows, and other tall structures. Because windows and terraces are open, cat injuries can spike in the warmer months. 

It happens so often that they call it a “syndrome”. Every cat enjoys sitting in front of a window and watching birds or taking in the afternoon sun. Imagine a cat pushing against the screen when a bird falls on the window ledge. This could prove to be very tragic if your cat falls from a higher apartment. Before you tackle your balcony, make sure that all screens are secured. 

What is too high? 

Cats love heights and the outdoors, so while we would like to give them both, we must do it safely. It’s not too high for cats to fall from. Although chances are good that they will survive, they can get hurt. 32 stories is the highest height a cat has ever fallen from a structure and still survived. 

Keep your cat away from the balcony railing 

Your cat can be an escape artist. Cats have an amazing ability to escape from an enclosed space. You must secure your balcony properly before you allow them to use it. You should secure your netting. You can be more proactive and keep your pets leashed when they are enjoying the fresh air. 

Although it takes some effort and time to make a cat-proof balcony, it is well worth it. You and your cat will both love being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. Keep your kitty safe! 

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