Why are Auto Lock Boxes Still Popular in the USA? 6 Surprising Facts

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Esthetic and protective packaging is needed in all industries. Therefore, manufacturers choose the best and most creative packaging styles to pack their items. On this subject, they find multiple styles likewise, cuboid, round and tuck-end boxes. But custom auto lock boxes are perfect, and they can easily be customized according to their brand requirements. Thus, if you really want auto lock boxes for the packaging of your product, you just need to know about the six major facts that make them the perfect choice for every industry.

Best To Protect Your Fragile Items

If you are a supplier of fragile items, you just need to choose durable packaging boxes that ensure the best protection of your items. Custom auto lock boxes can make any kind of material like cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated. And you can choose any range of thickness according to the need of your product. Likewise, you have the option of 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 22pt, and 24pt, according to the size and weight of your product. Moreover, corrugated made auto lock boxes consist of flutes, and you need to pick the right flute as per the demand. These flutes are mentioned below for your information.

  • A flute
  • B flute
  • C flute
  • E flute
  • F flute

Available in Versatile colors

Well, lock packaging boxes are easily accessible in a variety of shades. Packaging suppliers use CMYK and PMS color models to provide the desired color for your product box. If you choose auto lock boxes, then it doesn’t mean you need to stick on the particular shades. You can choose whatever you want for your packaging. No matter if you choose auto lock boxes for primary packaging or secondary packaging, you can choose any color combination. Therefore, you pick warm shades, light pastels, bold colors, citrus hues, and nude shades as per your interest. So, make such a storage box with a lock attractive by using chic and sparkling colors.

The Choice to Use Eco-friendly Cardstock

Another fact is that these boxes can be created only using nature-friendly and biodegradable material. So, you can use BUX board and Kraft material to construct perfect-looking auto lock boxes. Both materials are highly decomposable, rescuable, and harmful to our environments. If you cannot afford complete biodegradable boxes, you can mix them with cardboard with some particular limit.

Accessible in Custom Sizes

Industries produce products that are different in nature, size, and weight. Due to this, you need auto lock boxes in versatile custom sizes that fulfill the need of your product. In addition to this, you can give any custom size to your packaging supplier to make your boxes flawless and implacable to pack your products. So, if you want lock boxes in mini, small, medium, and large sizes, you can easily order without any complications.

Best to Pack All Types Of Products

Auto lock boxes are intelligently designed to pack your items in secure packaging boxes. Many industries work to facilitate their customers and provide good quality products. It is obvious all products are not the same regarding their qualities, shapes, weight, and formulations. So, no matter whether you run a bakery, cosmetic brand, or candle, you can conveniently use custom auto lock boxes to pack a large variety of products that you sell.

Print Content That You Want

Now it’s time to make your customized auto lock boxes talkative and informative for your end-users. On this subject, you need to design the content that you print on the packaging to deliver brand information to your end-users. Thus, you can place the logo, brand name, expiry, ingredients, shelf life, taglines, and brand establishment date on the box to convey complete information with transparency to the target audiences. Furthermore, you make them more alluring with the use of add-on likewise foil stamping, embossing, UV coating, and debossing to highlight the printed information for your end-users.

Ending Up Thoughts

The discussion mentioned above explains the surprising facts of custom boxes for your information. If you want to order auto lock boxes for the packaging of your product, you must know how these boxes are protective and appealing for your target audiences. Furthermore, you can print any information on the box you want to show to your customers. Moreover, such boxes are available in custom sizes as per the demand of your products and easily produced from any cardstock. And, you can pack any products, whether cosmetic or decorating items, without any problem.