How to sell unnecessary things on the Internet

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Our closets sometimes store real treasures, which, meanwhile, we ourselves do not need. Of course, you can give them to someone, but the best way is to sell them! There are several online platforms for selling household items that are no longer used in the household, such as eBay.; you can also use free newspaper advertisements to sell products.

It should be remembered that individuals are responsible for defects in these products, even if they themselves did not know and could not recognize these defects. After all, the seller always has the ability to limit his liability. However, many are unaware of this and find themselves in unpleasant situations. The experts from the Stiftung Warentest Foundation explain how to do it right.

The Foundation’s lawyers give an example. One of the users on the Ebay website described in detail the milling tools he offered for sale, after which he made a note: “According to the new EU law, I, as a private seller, indicate that I cannot take a guarantee for the quality of the tools offered for sale.” However, such a wording does not save one from liability, since it does not comply with the accepted EU rules. If the buyer found defects in the tools and made a claim against the seller, the above wording would not save the latter from liability. Private sellers on the online platform do not have to specify anything. According to the law, they must vouch for the quality of the goods.

However, there are different agreements for private sales. The specialists of the Stiftung Warentest Foundation give an example of the correct formulation of the terms of sale of household items. “Another user wrote in his proposal to sell a bag for photographs:“ The sale is carried out without any guarantee. ” This means: if there is something wrong with the bag, he does not need to fix the item or return the purchase price. Further explanations such as the fact that he is selling as a private individual are superfluous. Instead, those who state anything that is unclear or misleading are fully legally responsible for material defects. This means: the seller guarantees that two years from the date of delivery, the goods will correspond to the properties and qualities promised in the description. “

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