How to determine the excess sugar in the body, told Volgograd

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Every person’s blood sugar spikes several times a day. However, in some cases, the glucose level may rise and not fall for a more or less long time. How to determine this condition, told “Volgogradskaya”.

Evolutionarily it turned out that the natural sugar of their wild berries was enough for man. But now this additive can be found on the label for sauces, semi-finished meat products and sausages.

A clear sign that the body has a high sugar level is a sharp change in mood. Emotional instability is caused by a surge in insulin, after which apathy sets in.

Sleep disorders are often associated with blood glucose levels. It is believed that people with a full 9-hour sleep are less hungry for sweets. But constant hunger and frequent snacks may indicate the development of hyperglycemia.

A signal that a person eats a lot of sweets is problem skin. Glucose stimulates the increased production of sebum, which can lead to rashes, clogged pores and exacerbate dermatitis. Due to sugar, the skin loses collagen and becomes less elastic.

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