How the supply chain and logistics sector is evolving in Dubai with mobile technology?

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Mobile technologies are developing to have a big impact on all the present industries of now. Looking at the major and minor sectors of today, mobile technologies along with the latest tools and cutting-edge software are making the tasks easier than ever before. This transformation is pretty evident in countries like the UAE is one of the best examples of a city that is truly utilizing mobile technologies in the best possible ways.

Mobile technologies have been a great boon for the supply chain and the sector of logistics. The supply chain for goods has improved greatly during these years. This has made the supply chain staff and personnel use mobile technologies to improve their tasks day in and day out. Moreover, with the advancement of mobile apps that are associated with the logistics and the supply chain sector, the workers of the domain are being friendlier with multipurpose, ruggedized and/or commercial-grade mobile devices. This is because they help to bring about more efficient management of the supply chain along with allowing managers to work from wherever they want in contrast to the traditional work from their fixed offices or localities.

Some common mobile technologies popular in the supply chain and logistics sector

If you are wondering about the commonplace technologies that revolve around mobiles which are becoming common with those who are working in the supply chain and logistics sector today, then here’s the list.

The common mobile technologies connected with the mentioned industry are:

  • Cameras that come built-in with the other devices.
  • Computers that come hand-held.
  • Tablets
  • Label printers and barcode printers.
  • Scanners of varied nature.
  • RFID tags.
  • GPS and advanced navigation systems.
  • Near field communications (NFC).
  • Voice recognition software.
  • Shared logistics networks.

Technologies like the mentioned ones are compatible with the latest mobiles and also support the wireless technologies of today, thereby allowing maximum flexibility.

According to Bridget McCrea, who has voiced her opinion in an online magazine has stated that the eight trends are having a big impact on the industry of now. Here we will look at some prominent trends and how they are affecting the functioning of the supply chain and the logistics sector:

  1. The wireless technology now ensures a sharper focus on efficiency and the transparency of the work.
  2. Mobile consumption is driving the market triggered by the end-users, who are dictating it.
  3. The mobile solutions are enabling the shippers around the world and especially in Dubai out of their predefined comfort zones.
  4. Smartphones are ousting the age-old ruggedized devices and carving a niche of its own, which is more efficient than ever.
  5. The wireless technology is also helping the shippers to create a united workforce even outside the walls of the warehouse.
  6. Numerous changes including major infrastructural changes are evident due to the wireless technology that is enabling the small and nimble shippers to transform their infrastructures to bring forth more production capacities in less time.
  7. A wide range of mobile devices and related applications are being researched and developed keeping the individual workers in mind.

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