Homeless dog fights lioness in India and gets caught on video

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In India, a stray dog ​​fearlessly entered into a fight with a lioness, barked at her and left the fight unharmed. The entry was posted by Indian Forest Service Officer Parvin Kaswan on his Twitter page.

The fight took place in the Indian jungle in front of tourists watching it in a safari jeep. The footage shows how the dog, noticing the predator, rushes to her and enters the battle. The animal fight lasts for some time, after which the dog barks at the lioness and leaves, and the predator wanders to the side.

“I would like to be as confident in life. Dog against lioness. This indicates the problem of stray dogs and their interaction with wild animals, ”the Zvezda TV channel quoted Kaswan as saying.

The subscribers of the forest service officer in the microblog began to discuss what they saw. In their opinion, the lioness was clearly not hungry, so she allowed her opponent to leave the battlefield. Some users have noticed that sometimes even the size of the animal doesn’t matter, while self-confidence is important.

In November 2019, it was reported that a python killed and ate a deer in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The moment of the attack was filmed by a surveillance camera installed near the watering hole of wild animals.

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