Governor Radaev said children should go to school on September 1

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The words of the Minister of Education of Russia that the new academic year in schools should begin as usual, was repeated on August 11 by the Governor of the Saratov Region Valery Radaev.

This was said at a meeting of the coordinating council to counter the spread of coronavirus infection.

– The first of September is always a holiday in our country. I ask you to do everything to ensure that this holiday is reliably provided. The Minister of Education said: on September 1, the children will go to school, and will not remain on the remote. It is also necessary to prepare for this, it is necessary to inform each parent. And then, when there are many children in the family, questions arise: “What should we do, how should we be?

The head of the region also recalled the need to provide hot meals for students of small schools in rural areas. According to him, earlier there were “discrepancies” on this issue, for which both the minister and the deputy chairman were punished.

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