Germany: Zones of risk will be cordoned off – restrictions on entry and exit

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The federal government believes that the possibility of cordoning off areas with a high detection rate per week, a measure proposed by epidemiologists, is a possible means of combating the pandemic. “From an epidemiological point of view, entry and exit restrictions can be an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus,” – said the vice press secretary of the government Martina Fitz.

However, Fitz did not say anything about specific plans to the governments regarding this measure. “Our goal is to preserve normal public and private life as much as possible,” the vice press secretary stressed. “Therefore, it is very important that everyone observes the measures to combat the pandemic.”

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior said there were no “specific scenarios” for using the federal police in case of isolation. He also noted that the federal police can provide support to monitor or implement measures to combat coronavirus at the request of the federal states.

As of October 16 in Germany, according to the Robert Koch Institute, 70 regions are at risk. In 7 of them, the number of infected exceeds the border of 50 cases per 100,000 people per week, more than doubled.

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