Germany: Warning about travel to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA and other 160 countries extended until September 14

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Entry to Germany from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA is possible only after a 14-day quarantine. The federal government has extended travel warnings to more than 160 non-EU countries for another two weeks until September 14. The decision on this was made at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, reports dpa, citing government circles.

On March 17, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas issued an official warning about travel to 200 countries in order to slow the spread of the new type of coronavirus. In June, the countries of the European Union, the Schengen zone, free of border control, as well as Great Britain, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican State were removed from the “red list”. A little later, the regions of Turkey.

For the rest of more than 160 countries, travel warnings have been extended to 31 August. It is now valid until mid-September. What will be the next decision on this issue will depend on the epidemiological situation both in Germany and in the countries themselves.

A travel warning is not a travel ban. It is a tool to prevent the rapid spread of the virus around the world. It allows travelers to cancel travel bookings to countries for which the warning is in effect for free.

The DRV Travel Association believes that announcing travel warnings around the world is “the wrong signal.” DRV President Norbert Fiebig accused the federal government of neglecting the facts and oversimplifying a large-scale problem, and shifting the blame onto tourists returning to Germany. These measures are disastrous for the tourism industry in Germany, and in Europe and around the world.

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