Germany: Two rolls of toilet paper for two euros

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Despite the fact that four federal states on Monday did not report actual numbers of uninfected, the number of cases declared by the Robert Koch Institute is troubling. According to information RKI in Germany, 4,325 people fell ill per day. Part of the population again needs to accumulate stocks of toilet paper. Supermarkets are reporting growth in sales of the “cherished” product. The manufacturer Hakle installed the first toilet paper machine in Germany. Now the product can be purchased at any time of the day. At least those living in the area where the enterprise is located.

In two regions of Germany, the number of infected in seven days exceeded 200 cases. People start buying food. First of all: toilet paper.

Due to future purchases, a temporary shortage of toilet paper in selected stores may again become a reality. On Sunday, city dwellers lined up in front of the train station’s haberdashery stores to buy essential hygiene products. According to “Bild”, stores have already increased orders for the supply of this “essential” product.

Düsseldorf-based tissue maker Hakle has taken a revolutionary step. The first machine in Germany for the 24-hour sale of toilet paper in Düsseldorf-Reisholz was installed on the premises of the company. You can also purchase sanitary and disinfecting napkins there.

Two rolls of four-layer paper will cost 2 euros. The three-layer version with chamomile scent costs 1.50 euros for two rolls, Bild reports. Automatic paper is, of course, much more expensive than packaging from a supermarket. But you can buy it at any time of the day or night, even on holidays and weekends. Hakle spokeswoman Karen Jung said that the concern does not expect a situation similar to that in the spring. Despite the fact that some chains have reported increased demand. In any case, the company is ready to supply the required amount of the product to the retail outlets of the country.

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