Germany: There are many more infected than officially announced

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Berlin doctor Patrick Larscheid believes that the number of people infected with coronavirus in the German capital is underestimated. “We assume that the number of infected people is four times the official figures,” – reports dpa. In Berlin, the number of positive tests in late October soared to 7.6 percent, compared even with the peak of the pandemic in the spring, when it peaked at 7.4 percent.

Larscheid is a doctor in the Reinickendorf district of Berlin. He emphasizes that health authorities mainly do tests on people who have symptoms. “The number of really sick people is actually much higher.” In the spring, tests were done on a large number of people without symptoms. “We cannot afford it now.”

Studying the current situation, employees of state medical institutions believe that the number of unreported cases of infected people is much higher. “For every infected person who is diagnosed with a disease, there are more positive patients who have not tested and are not registered.” Therefore, the risk of infection if you are in a crowd of people is higher than in the spring.

Larscheid emphasizes that the laboratory’s capacity has been exhausted and therefore the number of tests performed cannot be increased. In Berlin alone, more than 66,000 tests per week have been carried out recently. Some labs now take three to four days to get a test result, Larscheid said.

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