Germany: Rapid antigen tests at Frankfurt Airport

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From Thursday, November 26, Frankfurt Airport will now also be running rapid antigen tests in addition to the usual corona tests. Centogene has confirmed that it can now run up to 2,500 tests per day. Benefit: Laboratory results should be available in two and a half hours.

“Following the successful launch of our Covid-19 antigen testing program at Hamburg Airport, we can now expand our offer for Frankfurt Airport,” – said Volkmar Wekesser from Centogene. “We are committed to ensuring crown-free travel through our Covid-19 testing strategy.”

CENTOGENE Testing Center
This testing center offers free tests for arriving guests. Those wishing to be tested for COVID-19 before leaving Germany can also take an analysis (paid). In some cases, optional testing at the airport immediately before departure can avoid restrictions after landing at the destination (for example, in many countries, individual quarantine is mandatory).

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