Germany: health expert demands control of private premises

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Economy Minister Peter Altmaier expects at least 20,000 people to be infected daily by the end of the week. This forecast can be surpassed. Today, the Robert Koch Institute has identified almost 15,000 infected over the past day. Health expert Karl Lauterbach is demanding that the police be allowed to access private premises in order to control during a pandemic.

Most of those infected have contracted the coronavirus at home. Often during parties within its four walls. Health expert Karl Lauterbach, in connection with the sharp increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus, demands that raids be allowed on private premises. “We are in an emergency that could be worse than spring,” says Lauterbach.

The inviolability of private living quarters should not be an argument for lack of control. “If private parties in apartments and houses endanger public health and therefore safety, the authorities should be able to intervene,” the expert demanded.

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