Germany: Current list of RKI countries – regions at risk

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List of countries – Areas of high risk of infection are constantly being updated. Up to date Robert Koch Institute (RKI) refers to regions with a high risk of infection with Covid-19 – 130 countries of the world. When entering the Federal Republic from these countries, tourists need to pass a coronavirus test and possibly be quarantined.

From next week, everyone entering Germany from risk regions will have to do a coronavirus test. This was announced by the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn. Countries classified as risk areas by the Robert Koch Institute can be found here. The criterion by which a country is ranked as a high-risk region is the number of newly diagnosed infections in the last seven days per 100,000 inhabitants. Countries with more than 50 new infections are declared as risk zones.

Most European countries are not at risk. However, Luxembourg and Turkey are not recommended travel destinations. The list is updated regularly. Every day, the responsible ministries check the relevance of the data and decide “whether to declare regions or countries as risk zones,” Spahn explained. Turkey insists on exclusion from the list of risk zones.

Voluntary tests for those who have entered from risk areas since last weekend can be done at several airports in Germany. If an infection is detected, a two-week quarantine is required.

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