German pediatricians: the danger of influenza is underestimated, 25,000 deaths per season

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Health experts strongly recommend that people in Germany get a flu shot to avoid the risk of double infection. However, German pediatricians warn that the flu vaccine is not enough.

The federal government has provided 26 million doses of the vaccine, which is clearly not enough for the population of the country and probably not even enough for patients at risk, ”said Thomas Fischbach, President of the Association of Pediatricians (BVKJ). Probably, the danger of coronavirus is not quite correctly estimated in comparison with the flu. In autumn-winter 2017/2018, 25,000 people died due to influenza in Germany.

Fischbach appeals to the population with an appeal to be sure to vaccinate children and adolescents. “Because we know that children are the ‘vanguard’ for carrying the flu,” the doctor said. “They get sick and then infect others.” For the current fall-winter period, the Ministry of Health reportedly provided six million more vaccine doses than is ordered annually.

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