An important agricultural facility was erected in the Lensky district of Yakutia in a short time

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In the village of Batmai, Lensky district of Yakutia, an important agricultural facility was built – a calf barn for 200 heads. The opening ceremony took place on Tuesday, October 13, with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic Nikolai Afanasyev.

The head of the Lensky region Zhumart Abilmanov noted that the opening of the calf barn is a significant event. Now local residents will be provided with fresh chilled meat all year round, writes IA SakhaNews.

The calves should be transported very soon. One part of the livestock will be delivered from Muria, the other – from the neighboring cowshed, where they were recently born.

The area of ​​the object was 700 sq. m. The construction was carried out at the expense of the regional budget and the company’s own funds.

Abilmanov also said that the development of the agricultural industry applies to all the people of the region. It is planned to build a pig farm in Nator, a poultry house in Chamcha, a new cowshed in Orto-Nahar, and a greenhouse in Northern Nyue.

By 2022, the regional authorities expect to become the best agricultural region in the republic.

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