German Foreign Ministry declared the importance of relations with Russia

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Relations with Russia are too important to be left to their own devices, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said before leaving for Moscow. The statement of the diplomat on Tuesday, August 11, was published on the website of the German Foreign Ministry.

“German-Russian relations are too important to be left to their own devices. This is all the more true as the coronavirus pandemic makes direct contact between Germans and Russians even more difficult. Only if Moscow is involved in important international issues will we achieve long-term results. This applies equally to the situation in eastern Ukraine, Libya and Syria. Russian behavior also plays a key role in arms control. We want Russia to realize this responsibility, “the publication says.

Maas also noted the need for an open conversation with Moscow.

After visiting the capital, the diplomat will leave for St. Petersburg, added in the statement.

“The blockade of Leningrad by the German Wehrmacht ended 75 years ago, this is a terrible war crime against the Russian people, for which Germany is responsible and which we must never forget. About a year ago, I agreed with my Russian colleague on a humanitarian gesture intended for the survivors of the blockade, ”the minister stressed.

In addition, an interview with Maas was published on August 11, in which he spoke about the sanctions imposed by Washington over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

“One thing is clear: we make decisions on European energy policy in the capitals of Europe and jointly in Brussels. We ourselves decide where to buy energy resources, “he said in an interview with Interfax.

The diplomat recalled that the histories of German-American relations are decades old, they “are based on a solid foundation and have never been determined exclusively by momentary politics.”

“But, of course, the position of our government on this topic is unequivocal: we do not agree with extraterritorial sanctions and clearly state this to the US government,” concluded Maas.

On the eve of the Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov explained why Germany is fighting for Nord Stream 2. According to him, billions of dollars have been invested in the gas pipeline project by German companies, and Nord Stream 2 will be able to provide Germany with the role of one of the most important gas distribution centers in Europe. In addition, Berlin aspires to informal leadership in the European Union, which means that in this situation it cannot show its weakness.

On August 5, several US senators demanded that the Mukran port operator stop supporting the construction of Nord Stream 2, threatening to “financially destroy”.

Nord Stream 2 is being built from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea to implement direct gas supplies to Europe. The EU countries mainly support the project and participate in its implementation. The USA, the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukraine are against.

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