German experts: 86 percent die from coronavirus

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Is coronavirus disease a concomitant or leading cause of death? An analysis by the Federal Association of Pathologists found that 86 percent of patients infected with Sars-CoV-2 died because of the virus. The experts are based on a study of 154 autopsy data in Germany.

Autopsies show that of the 154 patients infected with Covid-19 who received treatment and died in German hospitals, 86 percent died due to Sars-CoV-2 disease, and not from previously existing diseases, the Federal Association of Pathologists said in the report. “In more than three quarters of autopsies, Covid-19 was documented as the primary or only disease leading to death,” the report said.

82 percent of those infected with Covid-19 died, having characteristic organ damage from the virus, which became the cause of death. In three percent of cases, despite a negative test result, typical organ damage was found, as in the case of Covid-19 disease. Another percent have not been tested for the virus. In general, 86% of patients died from Covid-19, and not from other diseases. In 37%, inflammation and blockage of the alveoli was found, in 19% of cases, thrombosis and embolism. In 20%, microthrombi (small clots, especially in the lungs) and inflammation of the inner wall of blood vessels were detected.

Among those surveyed, there are twice as many men as women. Most are between the ages of 70 and 90. A third of those who died from Covid-19 have brain damage. During autopsies, pathologists observed numerous organ damage, which they call “virus-associated”. How they are related to the virus has not yet been clarified. However, it is already clear that they affect the immune system (spleen and lymph nodes), liver, heart (inflammation of the heart muscle) and the central nervous system (cerebral infarction and bleeding).

This study is not representative, as it is based on data from 154 autopsies performed in 68 pathological institutions. The experts have requested funding for a more extensive study.

This study is interesting in light of a statement by the forensic medical expert Klaus Puschel from Hamburg in early April. Then he said that no one died from Covid-19 in Hamburg. The virus was often the last straw but was not the immediate cause. “This virus greatly affects our lives. However, this is disproportionate to the danger posed by the virus, ”Pushel said at the time. In addition, he is convinced that corona deaths will not be seen as a peak in the country’s annual deaths report.

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