The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia asked Germany to share data on the state of Navalny

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On Thursday, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office forwarded a request for legal assistance to the competent judicial authorities in Germany in connection with the hospitalization of blogger Alexei Navalny. This is stated in the comment of the official representative of the State Enterprise Andrey Ivanov, which was received by Izvestia on August 27.

A request for legal assistance based on the materials of the investigation by the investigative bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia was submitted on the basis of the 1959 European Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Cases and additional protocols thereto.

The Prosecutor General’s Office asks the German side to provide the Russian authorities with “explanations, information and evidence” of the blogger’s preliminary diagnoses announced at the Charite clinic in Berlinep.

In addition, Berlin was asked to provide documents on medical data and research of German specialists during the transportation of Navalny from Russia to Germany, as well as his stay in a German clinic.

In turn, the Russian department is ready to provide the results of the examinations and studies.

“The German partners confirmed the receipt of a request for legal assistance and their intention to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation in clarifying the circumstances of the incident with the Russian citizen,” the message says.

According to the GP, the pre-investigation check on the blogger’s hospitalization launched in Russia on August 20 did not reveal any data that would indicate the commission of deliberate criminal acts against him that would qualify this incident under the Criminal Code.

Navalny felt unwell during the Tomsk-Moscow flight on August 20. The plane urgently landed in Omsk. The blogger was hospitalized in the emergency hospital No. 1. According to the head physician of this hospital, Alexander Murakhovsky, the main diagnosis of the patient is metabolic disorders. On August 22, Navalny was taken to the Charite clinic in Berlin for treatment.

The German clinic said that the data of the clinical examination of Navalny showed intoxication with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. The specific poisonous substance is still unknown, but its effect on the body is allegedly “proven several times.” The patient is treated with the antidote atropine.

In turn, the chief toxicologist of the Omsk region and the Siberian Federal District, Alexander Sabaev, said that cholinesterase inhibitors were not detected in the Omsk hospital during the blogger’s examination.

Doctors at the hospital in Omsk expressed their readiness to provide the Charite clinic with samples of Navalny’s biomaterials.

The transport department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Siberian Federal District also said that they did not find potent or narcotic substances during a pre-investigation check after the blogger’s hospitalization in Omsk.

Moscow called for a thorough and objective investigation of what happened to the Russian.

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