French residents were advised not to talk in public transport

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The French Academy of Medicine recommended that public transport passengers refrain from talking, including by phone, so as not to increase the risk of contracting coronavirus. The corresponding statement was published on the academy website on January 22.

The document notes that to the mandatory requirement to wear a medical mask when using public transport, where it is impossible to maintain social distance, it is necessary to add a refusal to use a smartphone, as well as generally refrain from talking.

Also, experts did not agree with the opinion of the Minister of Health Olivier Veran, who said that in addition to surgical masks, all other types of masks do not provide adequate protection against infection.

“Such measures can be justified by the precautionary principle, but they do not rely on sufficient scientific evidence,” the medical academy said.

Citizens were advised to wear masks even in cases where the distance to the nearest person is more than 1 meter, not forgetting to protect both mouth and nose.

Earlier on Friday, it was reported that at least 135 cases of side effects were identified in France after vaccination with the coronavirus drug from Pfizer and BioNTech.

Most of the unwanted side effects are “expected or not serious.” So, the vaccinated have a high fever, nausea and headache.

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