France: a Franco-Canadian couple claim to buy a house to enter the country

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Ready to do anything to enter France: a Franco-Canadian couple was arrested Wednesday at the Parisian airport of Orly after having pretext the purchase of a house in the south of the country, a “compelling reason” certainly valid, but the property was actually acquired by another couple.

Since December 31, all trips between France and countries outside the European area have been subject to very specific “compelling reasons” of a personal, family, medical and professional nature, in the context of the fight against pandemic.

Disembarking from a flight from Pointe-à-Pitre (French West Indies), this French and this Canadian presented “a deed of real estate sale in due form” to the border police (PAF) to enter the territory French.

But, the couple who live in Toronto “had hesitant explanations,” said an airport source.

The PAF then decided to “further research” and learned that the house in Toulon was indeed for sale, but that the property was being acquired by another couple.

“We often have false PCR tests, but a false notarial deed is the first time,” says this airport source.

The Frenchman was taken into custody for forgery and forgery while his Canadian companion was placed in a waiting zone. She agreed to take the next flight to Montreal at her expense.

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