Four Indian students who could not swim drowned near Volgograd

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The tragedy took place last night in the Sredneakhtubinsky region.

The bodies of four people were found on the beach in the Bobry farm tonight. According to preliminary information, young people drowned on August 9 at night.

According to the Novoanninsky Today Telegram channel, the victims were originally from India, they studied at a medical university. Three of them were fifth year students, one was a sophomore.

As reported in the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Volgograd region, on August 8 this year, four foreign citizens were resting in the company of fellow students on the river bank in the Bobry farm. One started to sink while swimming. The friends heard screams and rushed to save.

However, all four could not swim. They could not get out of the water, they all drowned.

The bodies of the dead were found in a few hours by rescuers.

Currently, a check is being carried out on the death of four foreign students in order to establish all the circumstances of the incident.

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