Former deputy police chief in Omutninsk to be tried for bribes

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In the Kirov region, they finished investigating the criminal case against the former deputy head of the police department of the city of Omutninsk.

The man is accused of taking a bribe for illegal actions (inaction) – part 3 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. According to the press service of the SUSK RF for the Kirov region, the accused, while working as the deputy chief of the police for the protection of public order from June to December 2019, personally and through an intermediary received bribes from a resident of the region.

The amount of bribes exceeded 70 thousand rubles. For this, the policeman provided patronage to the members of an organized group that illegally gambled in Omutninsk and Omutninsky district. Also, the accused informed the members of the group about the planned “raids”.

Investigators reported that the fact of bribery was revealed during joint work with the FSB of Russia in the Kirov region and the OSB of the UMVD of Russia in the Kirov region. The materials of the criminal case were sent to the court.

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