Forecasters warned of weather anomalies in the Volgograd region

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In the south of the European part of Russia, a cold snap is expected with deviations from the norm up to 16 degrees. Temperature readings in the south and north of the country will be approximately the same, said Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center.

According to the forecast of meteorologists, in the coming in the Volgograd, Rostov and Astrakhan regions there will be anomalous cold. At the same time, in the north of the European part of the country, on the contrary, it will be 10 degrees warmer than the norm, reports “MK in Volgograd” with reference to TASS.

“As a result, it turns out that the temperature will be the same throughout Russia,” concluded Vilfand.

Note, according to the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, no significant precipitation is expected in the Volgograd region today. In some areas, fog and ice, strong wind with gusts up to 18 m / s. During the day, the air will not warm up above -3 … + 2 degrees.

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