Forecaster told when “Indian summer” will come to Russia

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The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation, Roman Vilfand, denied information that the “Indian summer” in the country will come on September 14th. According to him, the warm period can begin any day from September to early October.

The forecaster noted that not every period of warm weather after cool is it. “Indian Summer” – a period of warm weather after a prolonged bad weather.

“Before we can rejoice in him, we have to get really wet, shiver from the cold. It usually occurs in September or early October, ”Vilfand explained.

According to him, people are used to calling all periods of warm and dry autumn weather “Indian summer”, so meteorologists do not argue with them.

“After rains and gloomy weather, there is an improvement, even if it is not connected with the Azov anticyclone, it’s still wonderful and everyone is happy to say that“ Indian summer ”has come,” the forecaster said.

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