For the first time in Smolensk in winter, utilities will almost forget about sand

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To combat snow and ice this winter, Smolensk will use technologies other than sand scattering on ice. According to the city administration, the municipal “SpetsAvto” has completed the installation of a solution-salt unit and has already purchased special equipment for working with a saline solution.

The unit is a bunker for loading salt, a container where salt is dissolved, a control cabinet, 2 tanks of 50 cubic meters each for storing solution and a filling complex for loading solution into machines.

Part of the solution will be poured into specialized vehicles on the territory of “SpetsAvto”, part – taken to the territory of “Dormoststroy”, where cars for the roads of the Zadneprovsky region will be refueled.

This method of processing roads allows you to use less technical salt and then quickly remove the snow from the city and not clog storm sewers.

But so far it has been decided not to completely abandon the old technology. First, the new treatment method will be tested on parts of the streets, for comparison with sprinkling with a sand-salt mixture.

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