The expert named the most unusual parcels of Russians

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Deputy Director of the First Expeditionary Company (PEC) Vadim Filatov in an interview with RIA Novosti spoke about the most unusual parcels of Russians.

According to him, the most unexpected parcels are the tusks of mammoths weighing 800 kg and the bell for the “Babushki from Buranovo” church.

So, the tusks had to be urgently delivered from Novosibirsk to Denmark. The volume of cargo was 2.5 cubic meters. m.

“We not only transported cargo, but also issued veterinary certificates – Russian and European. The tusks were about 9000 years old, the last few days of which they spent in our wagon – we did not even consider air travel because of the pandemic, ”Filatov said.

Speaking about the bell, the deputy director of the company said that such a parcel was delivered from Izhevsk to the village of Buranovo in 2016.

“It turned out that it was for the church, which was built by the Eurovision participants from Russia“ Buranovskie grandmothers ”with their own money. The whole village of Buranovo gathered to see the bell arrive in the village, ”Filatov added.

In January, the Russians named the most unusual gifts they received for the New Year. Among them were certificates for a training flight on a fighter plane, “beautiful” license plates and a moonshine still.

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