Festive decoration standards have changed in Pskov

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The new landscaping and landscaping plan for 2020 has made adjustments to the standards for the festive decoration of the city of Pskov. As the correspondent of “MK in Pskov” reports, the head of the control department of the Pskov administration Natalya Simonova told about this from a press conference on the work of the rules of landscaping and landscaping of Pskov in practice, which took place today, on August 7.

The speaker noted that in a difficult epidemiological situation, it was not yet possible to assess the changes. However, there are a lot of them in the rules.

“This article has undergone a lot of changes. They will affect both window dressing and city decoration, ”said the head of the control department of the city administration.

The chief architect of Pskov, Evgeny Skachkov, in turn, urged the townspeople not to worry about the uniformity of the decorations.

“If most of our rules are standardized, then the festive decoration will be individual. Each time will have its own face and individuality. It will be within the rules, ”he assured.

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