Cheeky boar leaves nudist grunting in laptop chase

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Wild boar in Berlin woodland, 2016 file picImage copyright

A nudist in Berlin got too close to nature for comfort when a wild boar snatched his plastic bag – which had his laptop inside.

The naked man gave chase to the boar and her two piglets – much to the amusement of fellow sunbathers.

Adele Landauer, an actor and life coach, took photos of the chase at Teufelssee – a popular bathing spot – and put them on Facebook.

“Nature strikes back!” she wrote, adding that the man laughed it all off.

“He gave it his all”, with not a stitch on, she reported. “I then showed the photos to the man, he laughed soundly and authorised me to make them public.”

There is a strong tradition of naturism in Germany, where in summer it is quite normal for people to strip off in parks. The back-to-nature movement is known as Freikörperkultur – “free body culture” – or FKK for short.

Wednesday’s incident comes just days after a particularly bold urban fox in Berlin was found to have walked off with dozens of people’s shoes, which they had unwisely left in their gardens.

In the coronavirus lockdown there were many reports of animals becoming more daring, taking advantage of empty public spaces. Wild boar have already made themselves at home in some Berlin suburbs.

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