Factor that increases the risk of developing melanoma

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Pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky spoke about a factor that is directly related to the risk of cancer.

“Five sunburns in childhood increase the risk of melanoma (a malignant tumor of the skin – Ed.) By 80%,” he said on Thursday, August 6, on his YouTube channel.

According to him, there are two types of sun rays that are dangerous to the skin. Thus, aggressive UVA rays contribute to the formation of malignant formations, causing destruction at the DNA level, and the type of UVB rays causes sunburn.

The pediatrician also recommended wearing thick clothing as both of these rays can penetrate tissue. In addition, Komarovsky noted that it is necessary to apply sunscreen 10-15 minutes before going out and renew it every four hours when in the city and every two hours in nature.

On June 22, Candidate of Medical Sciences Svetlana Donetskaya spoke about the signs of dangerous moles. According to her, the warning signs in which you need to go to the doctor are uneven edges of the mole, uneven color and rapid growth, as well as bleeding and itching.

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