Congratulate those who celebrate name day on August 7

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August 7 Angel Day Alexander, Anna, Iraida, Makar, Nikolay.

Internally strong, persistent and unusually contradictory, those born on this day will easily endure the change of conditions, whether in a team, whether at home. They can easily change for a short time the image of an unusually polite neighbor for the image of a rude person, and after a couple of hours they can bow their heads, showering all neighbors with compliments.

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Their curiosity awakens interest in everything mysterious, and curiosity fuels the desire to find out the secrets of the immediate environment. Any piece of someone else’s secret will quickly become overgrown with speculation, then conclusions will be drawn, most often contrary to common sense, but this does not bother the birthday people on August 7 at all. And other people’s secrets are the cause of conflicts.

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Happy birthday!

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