Efremov’s family will receive royalties from the play he staged

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Director, writer and playwright Ivan Okhlobystin told Izvestia that the play Dumas based on his play, staged by Mikhail Efremov at the Sovremennik Theater, will support the actor’s family in a difficult time for her. Efremov, as a director, is entitled to royalties.

“He will sit, and money will drip to his wife and children,” the playwright said on August 7.

In addition to Dumas, where Efremov acts as a director, Sovremennik’s repertoire includes three performances with Efremov as an actor. These are “Amsterdam”, “Do not become a stranger”, and “Anarchy”. Earlier, Ivan Okhlobystin told Izvestia that Anarchy, where Efremov plays a rock musician, will be removed from the repertoire by the decision of the director of the play Garik Sukachev.

At present, the Presnensky District Court is considering a criminal case, in which Mikhail Efremov is being accused.

The accident occurred on Smolenskaya Square in the center of the capital on June 8. The actor’s car drove into the oncoming lane and rammed a Lada van head-on. The driver of the domestic car, courier Sergei Zakharov, died in the hospital.

Earlier this week, Efremov pleaded not guilty to the fatal accident, citing that he did not remember the events of that evening. The traffic police officers questioned in court confirmed that the artist was drunk at the time of the accident.

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