Dodon: Agreement between Moldova and Russia, long awaited by fellow citizens

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Igor Dodon welcomes the decision of the Chicu government to approve the Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation on the social security of our citizens. The document is subject to ratification by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

“This important document establishes a new framework for social guarantees for labor migrants from the Republic of Moldova who have worked or are working in the Russian Federation. The agreement between the two states defines, on the basis of the principle of proportionality, the procedure for the establishment, revision and payment of old-age, disability and survivor’s pensions, as well as death benefits. Each contracting party, i.e. each state calculates the pension in accordance with its legislation only for the periods of insurance completed in its own territory and transfers it to the recipient in the territory of the contracting state where he currently resides.

I would like to note that the presidential team and I worked hard on this agreement, which has long been awaited by our fellow citizens who have settled or are working in the Russian Federation, ”said President Igor Dodon.

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