Doctors have learned to predict the patient’s imminent death by the eyes

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Doctors at Kitasato University Hospital in Japan have identified a new indicator of the risk of near death among patients with heart failure. The research results are published in the journal European Society of Cardiology.

According to experts, the patient’s pupil size may indicate the risk of imminent death.

The study was conducted over two years in a group of 870 people, who were divided into patients with small and large pupils. In the course of their observations, scientists found that people with heart failure and small pupils died twice as often as patients with large pupils.

In addition, there was a 50% chance they were hospitalized again, while patients with large pupils were hospitalized again in 28% of cases, Reedus said.

“Observations have shown that measuring the area of ​​the pupil may be a new non-invasive method for assessing the condition of patients with heart failure,” – follows from the conclusions of the scientists.

Doctors recalled that pupil examination has long been used in the diagnosis of patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes mellitus, and that the search for reliable non-invasive methods for determining health-related risks is one of the most important tasks of medicine, writes the Federal News Agency.

According to, more than 25 million people around the world suffer from heart failure. The disease occurs due to dysfunction of the myocardium and is manifested by an increase in the volume of intercellular fluid and a decrease in perfusion of organs and tissues. It can be acute and chronic. The first can be associated with injuries, toxins, heart disease and, if untreated, can quickly lead to death. The second develops over a long period of time and is manifested by a complex of characteristic symptoms – shortness of breath, fatigue, decreased physical activity, edema.

Up to 45% of patients hospitalized with heart failure die within a year after hospitalization, and most die within five years of hospitalization.

On August 4, it was reported that endocrinologist and nutritionist Mikhail Zabotin said that the appearance of tinnitus may indicate serious illnesses, especially in older people. In particular, this may indicate chronic diseases of the teeth and ENT organs.

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