Designing Websites – Make Them Different To The Rest

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Talented web developers and website designers that have a large portfolio should have no problems designing their own websites to showcase their portfolios. However, thinking about the exact concept and executing that concept could be difficult especially if you want to create a website for your portfolio that is unique. There are so many designer websites that stand out in their own unique ways so you have to spend more time brainstorming and letting your creative juices flow. If you cannot find a comfortable starting point, try to choose one of these three common categories of websites listed below and work from there.

Minimalistic Websites

Minimalistic websites took the Internet by storm when the Web 2.0 phenomenon became popular. These types of websites are still popular today because they are load very quickly and the overall design is easy on the eyes. The latter is more important because visitors should be focused on the portfolio. If the designer made lots of designs in the past, the designer can make a very simple website with no words and a set of images that can summarize how experienced the designer is. Then add a small contact form on the bottom so visitors can contact the designer. Although minimalistic websites focus less on graphics, there are still plenty of creative ways in coming up with a compelling and non-generic minimalistic design.

Flashy Websites

Flashy websites do not necessarily mean that the website should use Adobe Flash. But the website should contain a lot of interactive elements so the website pops up more. These types of websites do a great job in showcasing how versatile you are as a designer from a technical perspective. Flashy effects like animations and transitions can give positive impressions if used correctly. While JavaScript and HTML5 are growing in popularity, Adobe Flash is still a popular platform for making a flashy website.

Fancy Websites

Fancy websites can be flashy or minimalistic but the artistic element should be emphasized more. There are a lot of website designers that are very good at coding and turning mock-ups into working designs. But not all designers are willing to provide their services to customers that want to let the designers think of the design from the ground up. If you are willing to step up and serve these types of clients, you should come up with a fancy-looking website to show that you have a great imagination.

If you are still having a hard time deciding what type of designer website you wish to make, your best bet is to look at other designer websites which shouldn’t be so difficult to find using your favorite search engine. If there is a design you like, find out which category that site belongs to and try to think of a design in that category that is better than the one you like.

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