Daughter Zavorotnyuk commented on reports about the filming of her mother on television

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Anna Zavorotnyuk, daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, commented on rumors in Instagram stories that her mother had already taken part in the filming of Andrei Malakhov’s TV show. Earlier, media reports appeared on the network that Zavorotnyuk starred in a program in which she spoke about her condition.

“Of course not, do not believe all these rags,” wrote Anna. She added that her family has a no-comment position.

Despite the fact that the Zavorotnyuk family refused to comment on the artist’s health, and adheres to this strategy from the very beginning of the illness, messages appear in the media revealing the details of the artist’s life. So, it is reported that Zavorotnyuk walks around the house, without leaving the fence, and travels to a clinic in Moscow from Krekshino so that no one among the journalists could notice her.

By the way, Anna Zavorotnyuk admitted that it is hard for her to live in the suburbs – the road to the capital is very tiring, so she wants to move closer to “civilization”. When asked who she works, Anna admitted to being a blogger.

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