Dance to a song from mom: the details of the wedding of Valeria’s son were revealed

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The son of the singer Valeria, 21-year-old Arseny Shulgin, was married to his beloved Liana the day before. The couple signed in one of the capital’s registry offices, after which they went to a banquet.

The celebration turned out to be magnificent and very cozy, despite the large number of guests and invited stars. Popular artists congratulated the young, Dmitry Malikov with his family and others were seen among the guests.

One of the “tricks” of the evening was the first dance of the newlyweds – they danced it to the accompaniment of their mother. Valeria wore a white cocktail dress with straps and high heels. The newly-made mother-in-law sang a touching love song.

Valeria wished her son and his beloved to be happy and preserve the spiritual connection that exists between them. Producer Iosif Prigogine raised a toast to the young people and said a few touching words.

Last year Valeria’s eldest son Arseny got married. The celebration was very modest, the young people notified their relatives only a few days in advance, and the stellar parents simply did not have time to register their marriage in Switzerland. The singer’s heir promised that as soon as he gets on his feet more firmly, he will throw a gorgeous holiday for family and friends.

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