COVID 19 vaccination will provide active artificial immunity

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With the help of vaccination, the formation of artificial active immunity from COVID 19 will be provided, which will quickly change the epidemiological situation around the world. The chief freelance immunologist – allergist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Lyudmila Znamenskaya spoke about this.

According to her, at this stage of development, medicine does not know more effective methods of stimulating antigen-specific immunity than the method of vaccination.

“During vaccination, a person receives a certain antigen in a non-aggressive form,” explains Lyudmila Znamenskaya. – It cannot cause disease, but it is able to induce a protective immune response. This leads to the prevention of a real infectious disease.

The indisputable advantage of the vaccination method, noted by the chief immunologist – allergist of the Crimea, is that it ensures the formation of antibodies or lymphocytes aimed at fighting a specific infection. In cases when a vaccinated person will have contact with the causative agent of this infection, he either will not get sick, or will suffer a mild disease that is safe for life and health.

So, with the help of vaccination against influenza and pneumococcus, residents of the Crimea can protect themselves from these types of infection. In the absence of contraindications, everyone can have time to get a flu shot by the end of November. You can get vaccinated against pneumococcus at any time, which is especially important for Crimeans, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma and some immunodeficiency states.

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