Coronovirus in Kostroma: 64 new cases and 38th death

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News from the operational headquarters to combat the epidemic is not encouraging – in the Kostroma region on August 22, an anti-record for the number of new cases of COVID was again registered – 64 people became infected with it (including 34 in Kostroma and Kostroma region, 7 – in Sharya region, 6 each people in Nerekhta and Galich, and 5 each in Manturovsky and Krasnoselsky districts, and one more person became infected with coronavirus in Pyschugsky district).

In addition, Saturday, August 22, brought another sad news – another fatal outcome in the district hospital №2 – a 70-year-old man who had recently suffered a heart attack and suffered from coronary heart disease died of coronavirus. He became the 38th victim of the epidemic …

Kostromichi, do not relax, the pandemic has not passed. So don’t forget about masks.

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