Containers for the disposal of masks and gloves will be installed in Russia

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Antibacterial containers for the disposal of masks and gloves used to protect against coronavirus will appear in Russia. According to Rostec, the first devices will be installed at the Rosa Khutor resort in Sochi.

“Installation of antibacterial containers with a specialized system for collecting and neutralizing personal protective equipment has begun in hotels, catering organizations and other public places,” it was reported.

It is noted that a sealed container with a chlorine-free and alcohol-free disinfectant is fixed inside the steel box. The containers were created by Roskhimzashchita together with the Ecobox group of companies. Inside the container, masks are disinfected with a special compound and completely neutralized, after which they do not pose a biological hazard.

The filled bag will be hermetically sealed and disposed of in the usual way, the company added.

“The hotel business is showing interest. We are sure that such equipment will also be in demand in transport, trade, banks and other enterprises of the service sector, ”explained Oleg Yevtushenko, executive director of Rostec.

The first resort in Russia to introduce a system of separate collection and disposal of personal protective equipment will be Rosa Khutor in Sochi.

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