The Cabinet of Ministers announced the expansion of about 600 km of federal highways

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In Russia, in the period from 2020 to 2022, about 600 km of federal highways will be expanded from two to four lanes. This was announced on Thursday, August 6, by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin.

The changes will take place in 23 regions of the country on the most congested sections of various roads. He stressed that the government pays special attention to road construction. The road system development program in the country should, he said, be completed, despite the coronavirus pandemic, by the end of 2023, that is, ahead of schedule.

“For example, this year alone, the road workers will repair more than 13.7 thousand kilometers of roads throughout the country,” Interfax quotes Khusnullin.

Exactly by expanding narrow sections of the highway and arranging junctions, according to the Minister of Transport of the Rostov Region Andrei Ivanov, it is possible to solve the problem of many kilometers of traffic jams on the M4 “Don” highway. According to the official’s statement made on August 3, the main tourist flow is oriented on this road, along which people travel from the European part of Russia to the south.

On June 9, it became known about the development of a plan for expanding the Orenburg-Samara highway from two lanes to four. This will not only increase its throughput, but also reduce accidents.

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